Origine france garantie et made in france : quelles différences ?

Guaranteed French origin and made in France: what are the differences?

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“Made in France , product made in France , Origin France Guaranteed … Many products display these markings. If they demonstrate the desire to promote French provenance, there are many of them and it is sometimes difficult to realize what they really imply. At Linaé, we have chosen to have each of our products certified as Origin France Guaranteed . But what does this term mean exactly, and how does it differ from “Made in France”?

“Origine France Garantie” is a label created in 2010 by Pro France, the professional organization of French companies. As the notion of " French manufacturing " begins to emerge, Yves JEGO decides to create a certification allowing the French origin of the product to be claimed thanks to their traceability. This label therefore guarantees consumers that the product they are purchasing is made in France and according to two specific criteria :

- First, between 50 and 100% of the unit cost price of the product is acquired in France . This may include all expenses linked to raw materials, labor, equipment, etc. This criterion ensures that the cost of the product is linked mainly to French resources and/or French know-how. Thus, the economic benefits mainly remain in the country and contribute to job creation and the revitalization of local businesses.

- Secondly, the fundamental characteristics of the product must be obtained in France . This implies that the most important aspects of the product, such as its design, manufacturing or key components, are carried out in the country. This focus on essential characteristics ensures French quality and expertise.

The Origine France Garantie label does not only imply cosmetic products (certified skincare brands can be counted on the fingers of one hand). This may concern household appliances, shoes, toys, bicycles, and even public transport. It should also be noted that certification is obtained per product and not for the entire brand .

Obtaining the “Origine France Garantie” label is not done lightly. An independent certification body carries out careful checks at every stage of production . It thus analyzes the origins of products and raw materials as well as the way in which the product is manufactured. Everything is scrutinized during an audit which is carried out every year , in order to guarantee compliance with the strict criteria of the label.

This statement is therefore much more demanding than the “Made in France” statement, which does not necessarily guarantee that the product is mainly made in France. Indeed, for the latter, it is sufficient for the product to have undergone its final transformation in France . Thus, a product can be manufactured mainly abroad, but simply assembled in France. The manufacturer will thus be able to indicate the words Made in France or Made in France . It is therefore a rather vague and almost self-declarative statement, which can lead to confusion.

It is important to distinguish between these two mentions, because they do not reflect the same level of commitment to French production. While the “Origine France Garantie” label guarantees a predominantly French provenance and manufacturing, the mention “Made in France” can be used in a much more flexible and less extensive way.

At Linaé, we are proud to display the “Origine France Garantie” marking on all our products to go beyond the “Made in France label. By complying with these rigorous criteria, we ensure that our customers can buy with confidence, knowing that they are supporting the national economy and choosing French quality.

In conclusion, choosing products bearing “Origine France Garantie” offers a real guarantee of French origin and quality . At the house of Linaé , we meet these strict criteria and we contribute to the local economy by offering products that reflect French excellence. By choosing products certified “Origine France Guaranteed”, you are choosing a responsible purchase, respectful of the national economy and the environment.

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