Since the beginning, Linaé has been offering skincare that pampers your skin. This brand is also yours. To reward you for your loyalty, the Linaé Club will allow you to accumulate points that will result in benefits and discounts.

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Create an account to become a member of Club Linaé. You will receive 50 welcome points upon registration.

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Earn points through your purchases. As you accumulate points, your status evolves along with your privileges.

Turn your points into discounts.

Get exclusive benefits and discounts on your favorite Linaé products.

How to earn points?

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1€ = 1 point

Thanks to your purchases on our website

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Please provide the email address of the person of your choice. They will receive a message containing a personalized code. They will only need to use it during their first order, and you will receive your reward accordingly.

Discover your benefits based on your status


  • Receive exclusive information about Linaé products.
  • Participate in the survey for our future launches

How to spend your points?

200 points

Get 5% discount on all our products

350 points

Get 10% discount on all our products

500 points

Get 15% discount on all our products

50 points

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Do you still have questions? Our FAQ is here to help you

The loyalty program

To thank you for your loyalty, we have created the Club Linaé program. This online program allows you to accumulate points with your purchases made on the website and to access unique benefits such as discounts, previews, and exclusive events.

Nothing could be simpler, just create a Club Linaé account on our website, and you will automatically become a member of the loyalty program to start accumulating points.

Yes, it's possible. In that case, you will be informed if you have subscribed to our Newsletter. You can also find out by regularly checking the loyalty program's presentation page, which is updated regularly.

The points and benefits

On the Linaé website, all your purchases earn you points: €1 spent = 1 point (for amounts with decimals, the amount taken into account will be rounded to the nearest whole number, depending on whether the decimal value is below or above 0.5). There are also other ways to earn points through actions such as signing up for the newsletter, giving your opinion on your favorite products, following us on Instagram... You can check all the ways to earn points on this page.

The Club Linaé loyalty program is valid online only on our website. Only purchases and actions made on our site earn points. Purchases made from our independent retailers, as well as those made on other sites, do not earn points within this program.

Your points will be available within 24 hours in your account to redeem for rewards.

You can check your points balance at any time by logging into your loyalty account.

You simply need to accumulate loyalty points according to the conditions outlined on this page. Upon reaching each tier, you gain access to new benefits.

Shipping fees will be charged under the same conditions as for a regular order (for example, for metropolitan France, shipping will be free if your total basket amount exceeds 200 €).

Your points are valid for 2 years.

It's possible that the points credit is still in progress; depending on the context in which you made your purchase, the points credit may take some time (see our paragraph on the subject in this FAQ). If the indicated timeframe has passed, please contact us to inform us of this delay, remembering to provide your full name as well as the date of the purchase in question.

Your points are cumulative to allow you to reach the next tier. Your status corresponds to the maximum points reached at any given time. On your anniversary date, your account will be reset to zero.

A return or cancellation of an order with a refund always results in the deduction of the associated points earned during the purchase. They will be deducted from the total points available in your account.

The points from the Club Linaé program have no monetary value and therefore are not refundable.

The statuses and their privileges.

Here are the different statuses and benefits of the Linaé loyalty program:


  • 5% discounts on Linaé products
  • Exclusive information about Linaé products


  • 10% discounts on Linaé products
  • Exclusive information about Linaé products
  • Previews for new releases and special offers


  • 15% discounts on Linaé products
  • Exclusive information about Linaé products
  • Previews for new releases and special offers
  • Invitations to exclusive events

Each VIP status offers unique benefits, ranging from exclusive discounts on Linaé products to privileged access to information and special offers. As you climb the ranks in our loyalty program, the benefits become more attractive, allowing you to fully enjoy the Linaé experience.

You just need to go to your loyalty account. The list of your benefits is mentioned on this program presentation page (see above).

To upgrade to a higher status in our points system, you simply need to accumulate a certain number of points by making purchases on our platform.