Comment hydrater sa peau naturellement ?

How to hydrate your skin naturally?

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How to moisturize your skin naturally?

Hydration is the daily gesture that keeps skin supple and radiant. This ritual is essential, whether the skin is dry, combination or oily. Every day, it is confronted with many attacks: pollution, wind, temperature variations, but also the sun, or even blue light from screens. Also, hydrating yourself inside and out is the key to improving the quality of your skin.

All skin types can show signs of dehydration. The effects are more or less visible and profound, but the discomfort can be disturbing. This phenomenon is most often transient and reversible, and is characterized by localized tightness, tingling, scales or fine lines.

It is therefore essential to take care of your skin and moisturize it properly.

Why is it important to properly hydrate your skin?

- Protect - The skin is the first target of daily aggressions. Poorly hydrated, it no longer plays its role as a barrier correctly. The application of a moisturizer therefore makes it possible to reinforce the hydrolipidic film and to regain supple, soft and comforted skin.

- Maintain radiance - Dehydrated skin is less luminous. A moisturizing ritual will give a boost to the radiance of your face, bye bye the gray mine!

- Slow down skin aging - Overall, the signs of aging develop more quickly on dehydrated skin (fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, etc.). By using appropriate moisturizers, you can prevent the marks of skin aging and maintain healthy skin.

Our tips for properly moisturizing your skin


The first step in moisturizing your skin is to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. It is important not to wait to be thirsty to drink, the good habit is to drink throughout the day in small quantities. Favoring a balanced diet is also essential, with a necessary intake of fresh fruits and vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, tomato, watermelon, citrus fruits, etc.).

Summer or winter, the application of a daily routine of moisturizers influences the texture of the epidermis, and helps the skin to become smoother and softer again. The choice of ingredients in skincare is a determining factor in the quality of hydration.

At Linaé, we have developed a range of natural care with organic flax extracts, both protective and moisturizing, which consists of three products suitable for all skin types. Together, they act in synergy to boost the skin's defense capacities against daily aggressions (stress, blue light, pollution, etc.), durably moisturize the face and protect it from skin ageing.



- Multi-active anti-pollution hydra serum - To be applied as a base in the morning under the daily care. A real hydration booster thanks to organic beech bud and organic flax mucilage, it plumps up, smoothes the skin's micro-relief and effectively protects against blue light.

- Antioxidant milky day fluid - moisturizing - This face and eye treatment is a powerful anti-pollution shield that quenches the skin throughout the day and refreshes the eyes.

- Anti-fatigue night detox cream - This smoothing and soothing night care helps detoxify and regenerate the skin for a fresh and rested complexion when you wake up.

In order to benefit optimally from the benefits of moisturizers, remember to remove make-up and cleanse your skin every evening (COMFORTING METAMORPHOTIC MAKE-UP REMOVER OIL) and gently exfoliate your face once a week (ENHANCING EXFOLIATING FOAM CREAM).

About Linae

Linaé is the first brand of natural care with organic flax extracts, certified Origine France Garantie and tested without estrogenic-type endocrine disruptor effects.

Daughter and granddaughter of Norman liniculturists, Stéphanie Gastaldin, the founder of Linaé combines organic flaxseed oil rich in omega 3 and moisturizing organic flaxseed gel with noble active ingredients of natural origin to offer a unique sensory experience at the service. well-being and skin health. The formulas are exclusive and innovative, enhanced by a signature fragrance 100% of natural origin in order to offer women the best of “Clean Beauty”. Respect for Life in all its forms is a key value at Linaé, which is why all products have been developed in compliance with the One Voice charter against animal exploitation.

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