Pourquoi utiliser une huile pour le démaquillage ?

Why use an oil for makeup removal?

Why use an oil for make-up removal?

According to several studies, 1 in 3 women fail to remove their make-up before going to bed. However, this step is the must-have of the evening beauty ritual.

Not removing make-up from your face and eyes is a mistake, as it can make your eyelashes brittle, lead to the appearance of imperfections and signs of aging. By cleansing your face every evening, you free the epidermis of all the impurities of the day (make-up, pollution) which clog pores and asphyxiate your skin and you contribute to a better effectiveness of your night cream.

Oil has often been largely overlooked in our daily beauty routines, not dethroning the famous cleansing milks and waters. However, in 2022, “beauty addicts” now swear by it!

So, simple trend or real efficiency? Is it suitable for all skin types? How to apply it well?


Why opt for oil make-up removal?

Cleansing oil is a fatty substance, made up of one or more natural oils selected for their benefits. Less aggressive than traditional make-up removers, it gently cleanses your skin.

In make-up remover oils, you will generally find restorative sweet almond, very nourishing argan, jojoba known for its re-balancing properties. At Linaé, soothing flaxseed oil, antioxidant apricot oil and protective plum oil work in synergy for clearer, more radiant skin.

Fearsome for removing all types of make-up, even waterproof, oil is therefore the perfect ally of our evening routine if you want optimal efficiency.

Its use is suitable for oily, combination, dry, normal or sensitive skin. Afraid of a greasy finish when rinsing your oil? We recommend that you opt for an oil whose formula becomes milky on contact with water, leaving no traces, such as our Linaé comforting make-up remover metamorphosis oil.

Finally, make-up remover oil is generally applied to the fingers, so make-up remover cotton pads are not necessary, so you are also doing a responsible gesture for the planet!



Focus on our comforting make-up remover metamorphosis oil

The comforting cleansing metamorphosis oil is one of Linaé's favorite products, awarded at the Victoires de la Beauté - CLEAN 2020-2021 category, by a jury of consumers. 100% of natural origin and ultra-sensorial, it gently removes make-up from the face and eyes, even waterproof, and transforms on contact with water into a light milky emulsion. This frees the skin of impurities without leaving a greasy film. Perfectly cleansed and soothed, the skin is clean and comfortable, the complexion is fresh and radiant.

All Linaé treatments are enriched with organic linseed oil, extracted from the seeds of the mature plant. Renowned for its exceptional content of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), it consolidates the skin barrier and soothes feelings of discomfort.

For tenfold benefits, after removing make-up from your skin, apply your Linaé anti-fatigue night detox cream to erase signs of fatigue and regain a fresher, rested complexion when you wake up.


How to properly use your Linaé cleansing oil?

To get all the benefits of your cleansing oil, it is important to apply it well and to have the right gestures. With these few steps, you get perfectly cleansed, soft and smooth skin, ready to receive the night cream.

Place a little oil in the palm of your hand. On dry skin, gently massage the face, eyelids, eyelashes and lips. Add a little water to obtain a milky emulsion, massage again then rinse.

Applied with fingers in circular movements, it activates micro-circulation and dissolves all impurities (make-up, pollution). The hydration of the skin is thus preserved and its cutaneous barrier reinforced, the skin is clear, balanced and luminous.


About Linae

Linaé is the first brand of natural care with organic flax extracts, certified Origine France Garantie and tested without estrogenic-type endocrine disruptor effects.
Daughter and granddaughter of Norman liniculturists, Stéphanie Gastaldin, the founder of Linaé combines organic flaxseed oil rich in omega 3 and moisturizing organic flaxseed gel with noble active ingredients of natural origin to offer a unique sensory experience at the service. well-being and skin health. The formulas are exclusive and innovative, enhanced by a signature fragrance 100% of natural origin in order to offer women the best of “Clean Beauty”. Respect for Life in all its forms is a key value at Linaé, which is why all products have been developed in compliance with the One Voice charter against animal exploitation.

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